The basic curriculum of Darul Hikam Integrated School -Primary- is Special Curriculum of Darul Hikam (Kurikulum Khas Darul Hikam). It consists of Islamic characters based on Al Quran and Hadist. For teaching and learning process, it has a special program called Taqwa Character Building (TCB) and 10 Special Characters of Darul Hikam (10 Budaya Berakhlak Berprestasi).
special curriculum of Darul Hikam
Combined Curriculum (national + cambridge)
supported curriculum
since 2007
74v7p (1)
Extra Curriculars
EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Primary DHIS has a wide range of activities to support children’s developement in language, arts, sport, martial arts, mechanic-electronics and tahfidz. We offer nine extracurricular activities to enrich students educational experience and to allow them to express their talents in non academic field. Here is the list of our extracurricular activities: 
  • Swimming
  • Robotics
  • Pramuka
  • Futsal
  • English Club
  • Wushu
  • etc.
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